Cedar Point 2012

Since I was a child I have had a fascination with roller coasters. Not only am I infatuated with the actual ride, but with the architecture, and the theme created for each one.  I am amazed by the structures that can be created with tubular steel.  Roller coasters today are reaching unprecedented heights.  I recently had the privelege of travelling at 120 mph and 420 ft in the air.  This was not even thinkable when I started riding at the tender age of 5.  I find the architecture that supports these monsters beautiful and many times catch myself sitting in wonder for hours before I actually ride. This was especially true with the Top Thrill Dragster in Cedar point.  I watched in amazement for two days as the trains flew by my head before actually strapping myself into that ride.  Another wonder of modern technology was the Millennium force.  I would venture to say that standing above the park was one of the most graceful and peaceful looking roller coasters I have ever seen.  Over one mile of track spreading out over nearly half a mile of real estate makes one stand in awe of what can be created.  Do not let this serene structure fool you, it is quite possible one of the most terrifying, exhilarating, and heart pounding rides of all time.  You will ride in open air at 93 mph through those “gentle, sweeping” curves and then realize they are banked at angles the for all practical purposes should be considered inverted.  It was an amazing ride!  I decided to try and document some of these rides in my most recent trip so I could share roller-coasters with you the way that I see them.

Corkscrew was the first roller coaster to be built across a park midway. This allows riders and guests each a unique view of each other.
Artistic view of Corkscrew as it travels back to the station.
Mantis Color
I found the Mants to be one of the more aesthetically pleasing roller coasters in the park.
Mantis Art
Artistic view of Mantis’ first hill
Standing a mere 310′ tall is the Millennium Force. A brand new class of roller coaster called the Giga-coaster.
Millennium force hanging for a second showing riders the most terrifying view of your journey straight down to earth.
Millennium force structural view
Wooden roller coasters are the most fascinating structures. In some respects they look like a random pile of toothpicks designed to scare you.
Notice the track from the top comes down to earth at an incredible 90 degrees. For two days this ride struck fear into my heart.
Did dinosaurs come to Cedar Point to destroy the Millenium Force? It looks that way.
Lovely view from the train into the Maverick and Mean Streak section of the Park.

Raptor sillouhetted against the breaking clouds.
The Raptower towers of the park and is the first thing you see when you walk in the main entrance.
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