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Hannah - In The Basement
Composite photos are some of my favorite work. This particular photo features model, Hannah, in a basement with several other photos from the series used to create the texture.

Over the weekend I spent a great deal of time re-vamping my portfolio as well as my website.  Here are a few highlights from that experience.  I hope to be adding more of my actual art pieces, much like the photo of Hannah featured here, very soon.  I not only enjoy the art of photography, but the whole concept of visual art as well.  I have recently had the pleasure of going back through some of my older portfolio shots and being completely re-energized with inspiration. The first photo of Hannah here was one of those fun days where we decided to just do a random photoshoot…just for the sake of getting dressed up crazy and playing outside.





One of my favorite pieces from my Firestarter collection.

The second piece was inspired by Stephen King’s Firestarter and Carrie.  I loved the ideas of fire and insanity, so I mixed the two together. I get a lot of my inspiration from good stories.  The model in this series was a great deal of fun to work with.  Blainne is from the Kansas City area and working on being a rock fashion model.  I originally printed this on metallic paper which made the background look incredible. This photo eventually ended up being displayed on the back of my business cards.






Jewsome J CD Cover
Jewsome J is a great hip-hop artist from the Kansas City area.

This next photo was created for a great Christian hip-hop artist.  I met this artist while working with his wife where she told me he needed a little help with his upcoming album.  The story of how the album came about is a great story for another post, but I wanted to share with you the vision of this young man.  The concept was his and I just put it together.  He was incredibly happy with it as was I.





Angels and Demons Wallpaper
Angels and Demons was my first composite production and to date still my favorite.

The final preview piece I am going to show you is the first piece I did.  This was commissioned by a band wanting an Angels and Demons theme.  We rented an empty warehouse and spent the day shooting an entire story line.  To date this is still my absolute favorite piece in my portfolio.  There was something about the way this came together from beginning to end that made this a special piece.  Not to mention it is where I first started really honing my style.


I hope you enjoy this preview and feel free to check out more work at

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