My favorite project.

Son anyone that knows me, knows that I am a musician first.  I have been in bands through my entire life and I have a lot of great memories of each of these bands.  One of my favorite projects was Fuse 22.  This band not only produced great music but it created some friendships and experiences that have shaped my life to this day.  While the band officially went on hiatus in 2009 the dream is still very much alive.  Currently I am in the process of building a website de

voted to those songs and those memories with the hope that life will come back around and allow this band to create more music together.  This particular post is dedicated to some of my favorite memories with the band and I will continue to post more Fuse 22 related stuff so I can share that with all of the SSR Designs readers. You can find a link for the site here. Fuse 22 website

For this post I present some of the land mark photos for the band.  The first photo is the first promo shot taken for the band. (Complete with original contact info).  This photo highlights the bands love of including friends and family as part of the project.

Fuse 22 Promo
This is Fuse 22’s first official promo image. Shot in Lawrence KS by Bryan Dillon.

This was taken by 16 year old Bryan Dillon, Denny’s son, and budding photography student.  Friends and family would come to the aid of the band in many different ways throughout the life of the band.  Either providing funding, food, and even places to stay.  This was absolutely the best part of being in Fuse 22.

Another crowning moment for the band was teaming up with Larry Perez.

Flyer by Larry Perez
Original Larry Perez graphic design for the band.

Currently Larry is a nationally recognized rockstar photographer.  He has worked with numerous national acts including Shinedown and Jackyl.  Larry teamed up with the band to completely reimage their visual appeal and created some graphic work that is, to this day, the most popular with the band’s fans. This particular design was used in the band’s original website as well as being made available as a mobile wallpaper.  Thousands of downloads later the band is still thankful to Larry for his generosity in working with the band.

Another great memory from the band is the time we spent in Carl Dunlap’s studio Raven Studios.  Carl was hidden gem.  Sitting in the woods surrounding Grand Lake in Oklahoma, he had retired from a long career as a touring sound engineer.  With credits from Jimi Hendrix, The Stones, and ZZ Top he decided to work with up and

Jon at his best
Jon is seen here doing what he does best, Thinking. You were probably thinking lounging, in which case that is what he does second best.

coming bands and pass on his years of experience in a laid back pure hippie mentality.  I can honestly say some of the best times and best laughs were had in that studio.

Dan and Craig Studio
Dan and Craig listening to some play back. If memory serves me correctly Craig was telling Dan not to be a diva


There are a lot of great memories from the band.  I am trying to collect some photos from actual shows so I can post those as well.  So if you are a fan of Fuse 22 keep checkin back as I attempt to compile some of the best memories of my life and maybe even some of yours.